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October 24, 2022 3 min read

Floral patterns were traditionally reserved for eccentric wallpapers and upholstery fabrics due to their bold nature. These fabrics have recently gained popularity, but they can be challenging to wear because most people make too much noise.

Previously exclusive to women's apparel, they have also made their way into menswear. Although it is not always easy, it is possible to incorporate florals into a classic wardrobe tastefully.

It would be best to continue reading this article to learn how to wear them classically. 

Do’s in Wearing Floral Pattern

Use a neutral floral print and a neutral colour palette to go with them. Choosefloral patterns in muted, earthy colours if you are still hesitant to wear bright colours. 

Collect silk and washed linen florals, which are perfect for beach and yacht parties. Avert is wearing a lot of floral prints. A bold statement that will serve as the outfit's focal point is a large-scale print, which is more than just a floral pattern.

Moreover, floral designs go well with neutral and monochromatic colour schemes. When in doubt, combine floral prints with essential pieces that are neutral or one colour. Denim, corduroy, and black-and-white basics are taken into account.

Include a floral accessory in your look. Keep the rest of your outfit simple so your floral print can stand out and speak for itself.

Put floral prints on your casual clothing. Your style should be traditional and straightforward, especially regarding your daily attire. You can wear your florals with faded jeans, washed linen, drawstring pants, a shirt with one missing button, and a grandpa belt to show that not everything needs to be so severe.

Ways to Wear Floral Patterns


The size of the surface makes it a little trickier to execute correctly. Even though some people dress in short-sleeved floral-print shirts, it is best to stick with long-sleeve button-down shirts, which are typically a part of a man's wardrobe.

Additionally, rather than a shirt with a floral pattern that spans the entire front, wear a floral shirt with something that has a white or light pink background and small flowery elements. For summer outfits, pair a floral shirt with a solid-coloured jacket or sport coat, like a navy blazer or a sport coat in a soft colour.


I think wearing it in a bathing suit is the most practical. It can only be worn in warm weather because it is a casual garment; warm weather is best forfloral patterns. Although it is amusing, wearing smaller flower petals while wearing swim trunks is more uncomplicated than wearing larger, contrasting flower petals.

Pocket Squares

The majority of floral patterns and pocket squares are traditionally printed. Additionally, because pocket squares are typically louder than neckties, people are more accustomed to louder and patterned pocket squares. When a pocket square is folded, the floral pattern is not always visible, making it very easy to wear.

Floral-patterned suit jackets or sports coats are uncommon so that the pocket square will stand out elegantly. It is a small enough accessory that does not overpower the rest of your outfit; instead, it adds a stylish accent to your ensemble.


If you want to wear florals, stick to small floral patterns in neutral colours. You may include them in your swimsuit, shirt, tie, pocket square, or bow tie. If worn correctly, which involves pairing no more than two floral patterns together, they can even be worn anytime.

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