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April 19, 2022 3 min read

If you wear suits regularly, you must know that it can sometimes be challenging to choose the appropriate necktie to go with your suit. A tie may just be a small piece of clothing, but it is the focal point of your ensemble. 

When wearing a tie with a printed pattern and several colours, follow the guidelines below to coordinate it well with your attire.

Colour Coordinate Your Suit, Shirt, and Ties

It's easier than you might think to match the colour of your tie to the colour of your suit. The majority of suits are grey, navy blue, or charcoal black. These hues will go with almost every tie colour. 

If your suit is more vibrant, pair it with a tie that is the polar opposite of the traditional colour wheel. This allows you to stand out without looking out of place in your clothing.

Consider the colour of your tie if you want to get the most out of your designer ties. When matching your tie to your suit and pants, the tie should be the same or lighter in tone as the suit.

When it comes to tying a tie, a typical rule is that it should be darker than your shirt. It should shine out against your chest, highlighting the fact that you're wearing a tie.

It's a little more challenging to match your suit to your shoes. Generally, the tone of your tie should be similar to that of your jacket and trousers. However, this does not work with lighter suits, so judge each case on its own merits while keeping the colours consistent.

Choose the Best Fabric

The suit you choose will be determined by the occasion. The tie you choose should also complement the suit you're wearing and the occasion you're attending.

The most formal neckties you can wear are silk ties. They should be paired with a nice suit. Silk ties are also the lightest fabric available, making them ideal for the spring and summer months.

You can wear wool, cotton, or linen ties for less formal occasions because they aren't as shiny as silk ties.

Learn to Wear Ties with a Pattern

If you want to wear a printed designer tie with your suit, you should keep the rest of your outfit simple. As the most interesting feature of your clothing, this will draw attention to your expensive tie.

Patterns are one thing; colours are another. When you combine different colours in one tie, it becomes considerably more difficult to match your suit with your tie. So keep this in mind: your shirt and tie, as well as your suit and shirt, could be patterned individually. However, never wear all three in a patterned style. Doing so makes your ensemble way too messy. 

To keep it safe and elegant, go for a tight, modest design, and make sure the pattern on your tie doesn't clash with the pattern on your suit or shirt.


The correct tie can help you look amazing because it brings your ensemble all together. On the other hand, the wrong one will make you seem sloppy, and important people might not take you seriously. Just remember that a well-chosen tie can elevate an ordinary business suit to something spectacular and sophisticated.

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