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November 27, 2021 4 min read

For this segment of "The Orient Series", we go over to Taiwan and introduce to you; Mr. Louis Chen, a gentleman of style and character. With an incredible sense of sartorial fashion, Mr. Chen showcases his love and passion for menswear through his use of unique pieces and outfits. We recently had the pleasure of e-meeting Mr. Chen to tell us more about his story.


Mr. Chen’s fashion style is an effective combination of men’s classic wear, as well as Ivy League wear. During the 1980’s and 1990’s, he entered the workforce and into society. Throughout this time, the Ivy League style of fashion was becoming a trend, which significantly impacted his own personal sense of style. He spent a lot of time in Japan during this period, which led him to noticing and understanding the Japanese’s adoption of this very style. Mr. Chen is also an avid lover of Italian tailoring, and through the combination of both these styles, his fashion today creates outfits of softer structures with the absence of shoulder pads, and the use of higher and broader collars. Mr. Chen is not a gentleman who purely follows trends, as he takes inspiration from contemporary and modern fashion trends and combines them with his own personal style based off experience.

A unique aspect of Mr. Chen’s outfits is his use of bow ties. He believes that the bow tie is a method of expressing the uniqueness in one’s style and identity. The use of bow ties in Ivy Leagues style is yet another example of its influence on his fashion. Mr. Chen believes that you should not be afraid of dressing differently – by expressing your personal style, you can amplify the value of the simple bow tie and use it to define your identity through fashion.

Another example of the adaptation of Ivy League fashion can be seen through Mr. Chen’s incorporated striped ties, khaki trousers, classic navy blazers with gold buttons, penny loafers, and BD shirts. His style today regularly features these items, showcasing the long-lasting impact and influence of the Ivy League on himself.

As well as his love for fashion, Mr. Chen is also a devoted DJ. His passion for music most likely predates his love for menswear. As a collector of vinyl records, followed by CDs, Mr. Chen’s collection of music in its various physical formats exceed the thousands. He hosts a radio show, allowing him adjust from his day job as a global marketing manager. With an interest in soul, funk, disco, and jazz music, Mr. Chen has showed his talent and passion for music through the likes of Ce La Vie, and The W Hotel in Taipei.

We asked Louis if he has achieved his desired sense of style since he has been dressing up for many decades, he believes that he is very comfortable with his style as he knows it well, on top of that he understands how to match the various elements within his outfits, and how to combine various items in a way that suits his taste and expresses his personal sense of fashion. This can be regularly seen on his Instagram account.

Mr. Chen was asked about his younger self and how he dressed as a younger gentleman and as we all know, were their regrets. He responded and made it clear that he has not regretted at all about the journey for his own style and its determination, showing that his experience with menswear has created his unique sense of fashion. 

Residing in Taiwan, Mr. Chen also has a close group of friends who share the same interests and passions as he does in fashion and styling. Meeting on a weekly basis for photoshoots and other activities, he exchanges shared interests to the wider sartorial community in his city. They have also attended various talks and events, such as the ‘Suit Walk event held by GQ Taiwan. 

Mr. Chen loves to shop around in Asia, with Brooks Brothers remaining his number one choice. He collaborates with tailors across Asia, such as The Anthology in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Browns Tailors in Hong Kong, Dingtai Bespoke and Lancer Bespoke in China, and finally Ring Jacket in Japan.

Specifically, he appreciates the Italian style which is intertwined and suited for an Asian silhouette by Ring Jacket. For a more ready-to-wear style of shopping, Mr. Chen frequently visits Japanese stores such as Beams, United Arrow, Universal Language, and Suit Select.

We had to end the interview with the same question, "what places would you recommend tourists visit when travelling to Taiwan" and Mr. Chen has you covered, recommending several places based off his own experience. He recommends visitors to travel and explore the countryside of Taiwan, where it is less populated by Tourists. There are many hikes, hot springs, and more for everybody to enjoy! If you are into modern tailoring he highly recommends travellers to visit The Anthology, Oak Room, Leisure Bespoke, and MS Tailor.