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May 10, 2021 3 min read

For many of us, clothing is a medium to express our own identity, something that reflects on our own lifestyle and our own way of being.
Generally speaking, a men’s wardrobe is made up of a few ubiquitous pieces, the kind of stuff that it’s not just limited to a specific outfit or occasion.  
It is fair to say then, that every man should own at least one well-made blazer.
A great blazer is the perfect pass-par tout for a man aiming to look like a million bucks every time he steps out of that door.
In a world deeply affected by the pandemic where everyone is going through a process of “casualising” their wardrobes, the blazer still remains the Holy Grail of those into menswear.
If we could only pick 3 styles of blazers that will work your way out all year long, here are our easiest bets: 

The Navy Blazer

They say “navy is the new black” when it comes to clothing. However, it is fair to say that navy has now fully taken the stage, and definitely the role of the protagonist. A deep dark shade of navy works wonders with everything you throw on, and it adds an interesting subtlety and sophisticatedness that black would never be able to achieve. We recommend opting for an unlined Blazer in wool, or like the Italian would call it “Fresco Lana”, as seen in the picture below (courtesy of Simon Crompton) Navy Blazer

The breathability of wool and its cooling abilities will allow you to wear it all year long without making you look like a sweaty university student at an oral exam.

The Brown Blazer

Picking a charcoal grey blazer as a valid alternative to its navy counterpart would have been the easiest choice. However, we find that brown, especially in a darker shade, works wonderfully with most of your favourite shirts and tees. Brown tends to have a more casual connotation compared to navy, hence why it can be paired with grey sweatshirts or knitted polos, alongside a lighter shade of jeans. Another reason why brown is the way to go is that blends nicely with all kinds of skin tones. As per the navy, if you’re looking for a 4-season type of fabric, always opt for a Fresco Wool. Alternatively, tweed is great for colder countries. Another excellent summer option could also be a silk/linen blend, the ideal combo if you’re looking for something breathable and extremely lightweight.

The Anthology Brown Blazer
A great example of how to wear a brown blazer, courtesy of The Anthology Taiwan

The Beige/Tan Blazer

As mentioned previously, we bloody love earthy tones! No doubt about that! Many guys though feel that blazers have a formal stigma surrounding them. You probably would hear many saying “I only wear blazers at the office!”. However, we believe that blazers can be playful, and can also enhance a very casual attire. That’s why a beige blazer is the best option when you’re looking to dress up for the weekend whilst getting away from the ubiquitous fleet of men in darker tones. Beige (or tan) are surprisingly versatile when it comes to creating an ensemble (we dare you to try!) and they give you that “Italian summer at the Riviera” vibe, which many try to achieve in vain. Give it a go with a white t-shirt and dark denim, which is for us the easiest way to style this item. Dressing it up with a denim shirt/brown chinos/loafers combo would be another way to add some spice to a statement jacket like this.

Gentlemans Journal Beige Blazer
Alessandro Squarzi is undoubtedly the king of white jeans, and here he gives us a lesson or two on how to wear a beige blazer with ease