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June 28, 2022 3 min read

The fedora, despite being a headpiece that isn't worn too often today, is here to stay. Back then, you'd be hard-pressed to find a man leaving home without one. Today, though, the fedora has received some bad reputation, mostly due to posers who wear them without any idea on how to actually wear them with style. Of course, such scorn can be misguided, and we daresay this is due to the trilby.

Regardless, if you want to rock a fedora, you should know how to wear it right! And to do that, let us first take you through what a fedora is before getting into how you can wear them the right way:

What's A Fedora?

The fedora is a semi-formal hat that can be worn with a variety of outfit styles. Traditionally, it's a hat that's small in size, usually having a small brim and a round crown, with a soft, narrow brim and a crease down the middle that comes to a point. They come in a variety of colours and fabrics.

Many people get confused with their cousin, the trilby, which is just a wider and shorter version of the fedora. The trilby is less formal and is usually seen on the heads of film stars and rock bands.

How Do I Properly Wear A Fedora With Style?

Fedoras have a lot of history and have actually been worn on the heads of movie stars and rock stars. But that doesn't mean that you won't be able to make them look good on you, either! Here are some tips you should keep in mind when wearing a fedora if you want to do it the right way:

1. Tip The Hat

First off, you should know that you should tip your hat. In this context, tipping the hat means holding your hat in front of your waist when you greet someone. You should also do this when a lady passes by you.

2. Don't Worry About Hat Hair

The great thing about the fedora is that the fedora hat never makes your hair messy. The hat size and the brim are usually just right to make sure that your hair isn't messed up, or if it's messy, the hair that is exposed under the hat isn't obvious to the eye.

3. Coordinate With Your Outfit

The fedora, despite being a small hat, is a statement piece, so you'll need to make sure that it goes well with your outfit. You don't want to pick one that clashes with your shirt and tie because this will make your outfit come across as tacky.

4. Don't Wear It In Every Situation

Like with every hat, a fedora is worn for a reason. While the fedora can be worn for casual events and at the office, you should avoid wearing it in formal settings if you want your outfit to look more professional.


Wearing a fedora is easy, but you'll have to have a bit of knowledge on how to do it right if you want to look good. Luckily, we've shared with you a couple of important tips that you need to know when wearing a fedora. So, before you head out rocking your fedora, apply them first to ensure you look at your best!

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