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December 08, 2022 3 min read

Linen is a luxury fabric that has been prized for its beauty and durability for centuries. It is made from the fibres of the flax plant, and is prized for its strength, absorbency, and lustrous appearance. Linen fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, from high-end fashion to home décor.

The History of Linen

Linen has been used for centuries, and its history can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The earliest known examples of linen date back to around 4000 BC, and it is thought to have been used for burial shrouds and other ceremonial purposes. In ancient Greece, linen was used to make clothes and sails for ships. It was also used as a currency, and was so valuable that it was used to pay for Roman slaves.

Linen was introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages, and quickly became a popular fabric for clothing and household items. It was also used for painting canvases and tapestries. By the 17th century, linen was an essential part of the wardrobe of the wealthy, and was often used for formal wear.

The production of linen requires a great deal of time and effort, and the fabric was once so valuable that it was used as currency. In the 18th century, linen was still a luxury item, and was often used for expensive clothing and home furnishings. 

The 19th century saw a decline in the popularity of linen, as other fabrics such as cotton and wool became more widely available. However, linen regained its popularity in the 20th century, and is now once again asought-after fabric for clothing and home décor.

Why Linen is a Luxury

Linen is a luxury fabric because it is made from the flax plant, which is a time-consuming and labour-intensive crop to grow. The flax plant must be harvested by hand, and the fibres must be carefully extracted from the plant's stem. The fibres are then spun into yarn, which is used to weave or knit the fabric. The production of linen is a slow and painstaking process, which is why the fabric is so expensive.

Linen is also a durable fabric, and it gets softer and more comfortable with age. Linen clothing is often passed down from generation to generation, as it only gets better with time.

Linen is also a luxurious fabric because of its natural properties. Linen is absorbent and breathable, making it ideal for summer clothing. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin. Linen clothing is also less likely to wrinkle than other fabrics, making it ideal for travel. 

The linen lineup by our featured brand,Amauri Atelier, boasts light and travel-friendly fashion that globe-trotters will surely love.

Linen is also a luxurious fabric because it is eco-friendly. The flax plant is a renewable resource, and linen can be made without using any harsh chemicals. Linen clothing is also biodegradable, so it will not pollute the environment.


Linen is a luxury because it is a natural fibre that is durable and gets softer with age. It is also absorbent and breathes well, making it a comfortable choice for bedding and clothing. Linen is also a stylish choice for home decor, and its natural colour can be easily coordinated with other fabrics.

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