De Piede

Black Leuven Belgian Loafers

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Product Description

Black suede loafers are as elegant as they are timeless, built for comfort, De Piede has masterfully handcrafted this item for the lifestyles of the modern gentlemen. The Leuven Black Belgian Loafers are stylish and versatile and can be worn in both formal and casual, whether it is with a pair of Amauri linen pants or a properly fitted suit, It is the perfect must-have in every gentleman's wardrobe.

Product Specification
Upper: Suede
Outsole: Leather Sole
Width: E
Color: Black
Construction: Unlined, Cemented

Country of Origin: South Korea

High-Quality Craftsmanship 

De Piede footwear have been meticulously crafted by artisan shoemakers with over 20 years’ experience, and carefully inspected to ensure the utmost quality and comfort.



De Piede uses the highest quality suede material from Conceria Stefania”, which is known all around the world and supplies to local brands such as Todds and Etro. *Concernia stands for Tannery.



De Piede footwear are not lined on the outside but are supported from the inside, fitting like a glove, these shoes are lightweight and built for comfort. 

Constructed using top-quality Conceria Stefania Suede, De Piede footwear are a statement of quality and fashion.


The Brand
De Piede is a designer shoe brand that adds a modern contemporary touch to the 19th-century European elegance’. De Piede strives for the highest quality at a reasonable price, and their shoes are 100% handmade by shoemakers in South Korea with over thirty years of experience, using only the best materials from all over Europe. As such, De Piede created the new ‘Belgian Collection’ to showcase their unique range of Belgian Loafers.