Tasteless Hat Co.

Brown Geometry Fedora

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Product Description

A playful, modern twist on a timeless classic; this Tasteless Hat Co. creation is a masterpiece of design and style, and perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the brand; subtle, unique, stylish combined with uncompromising quality. Designed for the gentlemen who want to display their confidence and style without drawing unwanted attention; the brown geometry fedora will be your best friend at the races when you are all suited up in your most elegant suit.


Product Specification

  • 100% Wool Felt
  • Approx. 2"1/2 Raw Edged Snap Brim
  • Approx. 4"1/8 Center Handmade "Geometry-Crown"
  • Approx 1"1/2 Grosgrain Ribbon Hatband
  • Handmade in Hong Kong
  • Water-resistant
  • Grosgrain Ribbon Hatband
  • Feather feature (feather maybe different to image)
  • Unique Plume
  • Leather Sweatband
  • Stain Lined
  • Comes with Luxury Hat Case
  • Colour displayed online may vary depending on your monitor or screen


The Brand

Founded in 2014 by Yuman Ng, Tasteless Hat Co. is a contemporary hat maker specialising in creating gentlemen’s hats. It all began on a trip to Greece while Yuman was living in London, he was hugely inspired by the hat culture and was aspired to create his own brand. Inspired by both the American and the British culture.

The name of the brand, Tasteless, represents learning from the traditions and growing in the contemporary world. Yuman believes that “Taste” is a very personal thing, it could change over time with new experiences in life; the brand does not constrain itself to a specific style, but to create high-quality gentleman’s hats to suit the “Taste” of all hat lovers.