Wild Bricks

Dark Brown Brimless Cap

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Product Description

Think baseball caps meet beanies, the Brimless Cap, sometimes known as the Docker Cap was originally worn by dock workers dating as far back as the 18th-century, hence the name ‘docker’. The style was favoured as it was more durable and more water-resistant than the woollen beanie, while still protecting the wearer from the wet and windy conditions dictated by their work. 

In recent years, the style has seen a resurgence in popularity in streetwear, with a cotton construction similar to that of a baseball cap, to provide a more structured look, while providing more breathability; this piece of headwear is perfect for the windy autumn months. While streetwear has brought the docker cap back from its hibernation, don’t be afraid to match it however, you feel fit, with t-shirts and trousers, or a casual suit. 


Product Specification

Material Outer Shell: 100% Cotton 

Material Inner Lining: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester

Material Strap: 100% Cow Leather

Size: Free (55 - 60cm)

Country Of Origin: Made in South Korea.



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The Brand

Yielding from the best Fashion Design colleges in Japan, and with a foundational focus on art and culture. Wild Bricks and its founder Park Sang-Yu follow their strict philosophy of design and quality to develop iconic fashion and lifestyle products suited for the modern gentlemen.