Analogue Apotik

Vitos Bee & Soy Wax Candle

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Product Description

We are pleased to present to you from Analogue Apotik, Vito's bee and soy wax candle

Leather seats and authority; Vito’s is inspired by the office of Don Corleone. Vito’s is blended with figs and pinewood with a leathery undertone. This candle fills the air in the room with the confidence and authority of a Don that is sure to be a thing of beauty.

Analogue Apotik used a soy and beeswax blend that not only produces a clean burn but also produces negative ions when burned. These ions are known to neutralize pollutants in the air.


Product Specification

Wick: Wooden wick

Scent Profile: Figs, Leather and Pinewood

Wax Blend: 35% Bee wax, 65% Soy wax

Burn hours: up to 45 hours

Weight: 7oz/ 200ml

Made in Malaysia

The Brand

Analogue Apotik began as an effort to pick up this same spirit of the old and reintroduce what our traditional pharmacists left off by crafting products that makes sense in the modern society. Their goal is to be an analogue of the old trade by our crafts, thus bringing them to the debut of their line of easy-to-use men’s solid colognes in a variety of scents, all handmade in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Analogue Apotik pays tribute to the legendary apothecaries of old: ingenuity, wit, and astuteness.