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July 17, 2021 3 min read

In a world most affected by the consequences of the pandemic, dressing up for a man seems now like a foreign concept to apply. While men nowadays are shifting to more casual attires, paradoxically putting the effort of putting your suit every now and then, feels utterly empowering. 
That’s why ties are perfect for spicing up an outfit in need of a sparkle. 
Ties are a bit of an enigma in menswear these days: they’ve been ditched by many for a more casual ensemble, but they’re still considered a strong backbone of the old school aficionados.
Oscar Wilde once said that a great tie is a serious first step in a man’s life, and trust me, he wasn’t wrong. Like shoes, they do say a lot about your personality, and unless you’re still operating under a strict corporate dress-only rule, they can be a fun way to add interest to your outfit. See them like a scarf, or your favourite piece of jewellery. 
Don’t be very strict on yourself in how to match your favourite tie! Matching it with your pocket square looks too forced and hardly looks well; that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with colours.
For those who are only familiar with casual wear, let us refresh your mind three different ways to fold a tie. The beauty of it is that ties can be found in various fabrics and textures, which makes them perfect for any occasion.

Four In Hand Knot

The four in hand knot is probably the most versatile and ubiquitous way to tie your knot. It’s easy to do it and works well on most occasions unless you’re choosing a very unusual pattern or very bright colours. Our recommendation is sticking with neutral and easy-going colours so they can work well with the majority of the tones in your wardrobe. If you had to choose three colours, we would personally go for the navy (perhaps one with a bit of twist), a dark burgundy and either a dark green or charcoal (your choice!). Another great semi-casual option is the knitted tie, the perfect item that will take you from the office to the table of a bar on a Friday night. If James Bond can do it, why not trying?
Four in hand tie knot


The Half Windsor is a medium-sized shaped type of knot. It’s definitely a bit chunkier than the Four in hand and pairs much better with wide-collared shirts since it allows you to hide the sides of the knot and looking very sloppy. The idea behind this type of knot is similar to the FIH, which is to start with neutral colours first before diving into more unusual patterns. However, we can definitely say that the Half-Windsor would suit a more formal occasion much better. If you’re constantly juggling between a busy corporate life and fine dining restaurants in the weekend, this is the guy for you. Many guys make the mistake of tying their favourite one in this way, which can work wonders or do more damage depending on your body shape. If you’re a short guy, we recommend sticking with the Four in Hand! The last thing you want to do is wearing a tie that makes you look even shorter. Sven Schneider from The Gentleman’s Gazzette shows us a great way to make a Half Windsor without looking too chunky. 
Half Windsor Knot by Fort Belvedere


We all love Harvey Specter from Suits! We love his battles on and off the court and the way he smoothly manages to get through his legal cases. But if there’s one thing we don’t love, it’s the way he knows his tie. His character (or perhaps his costume designers) are the clear example on how the Full Windsor knot does not suit (pardon the pun) every body shape. As the name suggests, the Duke of Windsor was the one who mastered this look and made it widely popular. It’s a large knot with quite asymmetrical shape that provides the wearer of the illusion that the face is more prominent. As you would expect, the Full Windsor (or ‘Double Windsor’) is probably one of the most formal ways to tie your tie. Some menswear aficionados would say it tends to be quite outdated, not only because of its aesthetics and its difficulty. However, we think that with the right colour and outfit, anything can work at your favour! Once again, play it safe and go for a deep blue shade of navy: the reason why is that a darker tone wouldn’t attract too much attention on your face compared to a lighter shade. Credits for the image below: He Spoke Style.
Full windosr Knot by He Spoke Style