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July 29, 2021 2 min read

Generally speaking, menswear haven’t seen a massive shift of scenery in the last decade or so.  When it comes to shoes, a man generally finds himself much more limited when choosing the right style, compared to women’s.  However, as trends come and go, there has been a resurgence of the so-called Belgian Loafers As the name suggests, the Belgians brought it in the first half of the 20th Century as a valid alternative to the ubiquitous penny loafers.  One of the favourites go-tos of the infamous Bernie Madoff, you almost wonder why a style like this has only seen a resurgence just lately. We find it to be the best choice for grownups looking for a different kind of slip-ons.  They’re unlined, lightweight yet extremely durable. To the untrained eye, Belgian Loafers would almost look like house slippers, the kind that you slip on cooler nights while sipping your wine.  Nevertheless, there is much more than that! With their tiny little leather bow on its top, they now became a footwear staple in a men’s wardrobe because of its subtle and underrated versatility. Belgian Loafers

Dare to try? Let me give you a few examples! Feeling dressy? Slip them on with a semi-formal unlined suit for a relaxed yet sophisticated ensemble. Got too comfortable with WFH and shouldn’t be bothered to dress up? They would add a spice of interest to your hoodie/denim jeans combo.  Otherwise, let’s just say you’re a tourist and you need something easy to pack and a no brain for any occasion: tick in your Belgians! If you checked any reputable retailer globally a few years ago, you probably wouldn’t be able to find a single pair in their stock.

However, brands such as Baudoin and Lange and Rubinacci are spicing up the footwear world by making this style relevant to the menswear aficionados. These brands are also followed by a hefty price tag. Here at the Suitcase though, a brand such as Depiede will provide the perfect sweet spot between quality and affordability; if you’re willing to try out a new style of shoes in your wardrobe and you’re not looking to spend a fortune, this is definitely your chance.

De Piede Brown Tassel Loafer - The Suitcase


De Piede Green plain Belgian Loafers - The Suitcase