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October 19, 2021 2 min read

With the summer around the corner, it’s vital to prepare accordingly to tackle the scorching heat of Australia. But I’m sure many of us have issues of discomfort when it comes to the warmer days and dressing dapper and sartorial. How exactly should this be approached?

Dressing in summer requires patience and experimentation, by trialing what fabrics work for you. Some individuals may find some fabrics to be more breathable than others, and vice versa. This test is different and unique for every single gentleman, as no two people will ever feel the exact same wearing certain fabrics. 

So which fabrics should you wear during summer?

We believe linen is your best bet for the Australian summer, due to the strength and durability of the natural fibre. Additionally, linen also holds a lower impact on the environment than other fabrics; something we love to advocate for at The Suitcase. Linen looks great on a wide spectrum of formalities, from linen trousers such as a pair from Amauri, to tuxedo’s made completely of linen. Linen is a must for the modern sartorial gentleman, as they offer versatility, comfort, and luxury.

Another thicker and heavier alternative for linen is cotton. Cotton is almost certainly found in every gentleman’s wardrobe, as it is the tailor’s choice of fabric for shirts. But cotton should not be limited to just shirts, as the fabric also looks great on a suit, or simple trousers. Cotton Solaro suits have become an ever-growing trend in the menswear realm, due to its light colour which is resemblant of summer. Cotton is also extremely comfortable on the skin, as well as being hypoallergenic and odour-free.

Another significant aspect of menswear during the summer is the fit of clothing. Looser fitting clothes will always tend to be more comfortable, as well as picking up the rare occurrence of cold breezes. We recommend for your summer clothing to be softer across the shoulders and unlined for jackets, as well as pleated trousers for extra room across the upper leg.

A great accessory for the summer is a fedora. A great alternative to a baseball cap, the fedora is an elegant accessory to really add character and flavour into your summer outfits. Founded and based in Hong Kong, Tasteless Hat Co. is a contemporary hat maker specialising in creating gentlemen’s hats. As well as elevating your style, a hat plays a significant role in protecting your face and head from sunburn, as well as regulating your body temperature.