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October 02, 2021 2 min read

Modern Asian fashion and style has often had a strong correlation between two things; strictly designer wear, or mass produced clothing. Although in recent times, we are all starting to see some exclusive boutique brands come out of countries such as Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea. These countries are revolutionising the Western perception on Asian fashion and style, thanks to the introduction of exclusive boutique brands.

There has been an influx of expatriates living in Asia in recent years, thanks to the rise of business districts across different countries within the continent. Combined with the inundation of Western tourists in Asia, boutique brands have emerged out of the cover of daylight, offering products which are versatile, adaptive, and stylish. This has built a new reputation for these boutiques, providing clothing and accessories of high quality for gentlemen across the world. Through boutiques  such as The Armoury, the growth of Asian brands and stores can be identified. Originated and founded in Hong Kong by Mark Cho and Alan See, the increased development of this brand led to the introduction of 2 other stores in New York. Now more than ever, brands and boutiques like The Armoury are sought after by the modern gentleman. Through a combination of Asian artisanship, and the interest and influence of Western fashion, The Armoury have reformed the perception of cheap menswear, to garments and accessories of quality.

Asia is considered as the centre of manufacturing, due to their advanced methods and techniques of production. Combine this with the influence of great style and fashion, and you’ll get better value for money. The advantage of Asia manufacturing for the world, ensures that we have access to the best quality, for the best value. A great example of this can be seen through a brand like Uniqlo, offering clothing of high quality for the best value for customers, a model which all boutique brands thrive to achieve. As well as this, there has been a major increase in sustainable clothing manufacturing and production in Asia in recent years, a motif and value we stand strong for here at The Suitcase. 

The Suitcase is also a strong advocate of debunking the myth that garments and accessories made in Asia are of bad quality. In fact, some of the highest quality of clothing and accessories can be found from boutique brands in Asia, such as Mannergram. Mannergram creates neckties of quality, as well as a hand-made range featuring Italian silk. These neckties prove to us, and the world, that quality in Asia is superb. Yet another grand example of this are the products manufactured by Yeossal. Founded in Singapore, Yeossal offers luxury menswear products at a reasonable price point for the modern gentleman. Working with manufacturers, as well as offering their own in-house range of mens apparel and footwear, Yeossal has been praised in recent years as a brand of style, craftsmanship, and sartorial style. With brands such as Mannergram and Yeossal, the West has really transformed their perception of classic menswear emerging from Asia.

The Suitcase aims to make these brands of artisans available to all gentlemen here in Australia.