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March 29, 2022 3 min read

Men’sfashion is incomplete without a decent — no — fashionable pair of shoes. As it is often said, a man's fashion sense is judged by the appearance of his suits and the quality of his shoes. If he puts a lot of time and money into choosing his clothes but neglects his shoes and opts for cheap ones, his efforts will not succeed.

Let’s get down to business: are you savvy with specific shoe quality differences? Can you tell shoes from mass-market retailers apart from high-end fashion houses? Here’s what you need to know about shoe quality if you aren't.

Shoes: The Bottom Cherry of Men’s Fashion

Quality shoes are not cheap. Good ones usually begin at around $300 or more. However, they are worth the investment because they are comfortable, last for decades, and look great.

Unlike suits and ties, a man’s shoes are unlikely to make him look overdressed, even on casual days. Because of this, you can add a touch of class to your weekend attire without feeling intimidated by snide comments from your friends and family. People notice what you wear when you work hard to look good, and with dress shoes ranging in price from $50 to $300, you can suit yourself without having to empty your wallet.

However, although cheaper shoes may appear more affordable initially, they are not always cost-effective in the long run. Since much of a shoe's quality is based on the materials and craftsmanship used, the material itself might fade or wear thin in as few as six months.

True quality lasts for decades. A quality shoe will often last over 20 years or longer with proper care and maintenance. Like a fine wine, an expensive pair of men's shoes improve with age, creating a deep rich shine from years of polish.

Where One Can Buy These Pieces of Men’s Fashion

The best-quality men’s shoes are made by companies that specialise in men’s shoes. Their money is spent on expensive materials and skilled artisans rather than high-end advertising campaigns. They don’t need to run extensive media campaigns as their shoes sell themselves.

Oppositely, shoes made by high-end fashion labels are often made by third-party manufacturers that use cheap materials and shoddy construction. They may be slightly better than the department store brands, but they can never compare with the products of companies for whom shoemaking is a primary business.

A Must-Buy: Shoe Trees

You should also invest in cedar shoe trees to buy quality men's shoes. These spring-loaded accessories fit into the shoes when you remove them and help to return the shoes to their original shape and absorb any excessive moisture.

Typically, you need to leave these shoe trees inside the shoes for at least 24 hours between wearings. Ideally, you should have two pairs of shoes to rotate between.

However, if you can only afford one pair initially, leave the shoe trees inside the shoes overnight, which helps them withstand constant wear. You can also use shoe horns to help slide the shoes onto your feet without creasing the leather around your heels.

Lastly, Give Them a Regular Polish

Finally, high-quality men’s shoes should be polished after every six wears. Brush out the dirt while they're on your feet. Spread the polish into the leather with a cloth, set it for five minutes, and buff them. Lastly, polish the left and right sides of each shoe.

In Conclusion

High-quality men’s fashion is an investment. Yes, they are costly upfront but pay dividends down the line. A good suit, watch, and pair of shoes last generations when taken care of, which they’re meant to be. Since you know how to spot shoes of superior quality, avoid fast fashion choices. Select pairs carefully crafted by master cobblers and shoemakers.

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