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March 21, 2022 3 min read

Everyone has heard of the famous aftershave spray in a bottle. You could even be one of the few well-informed males who understand the various intensities of aftershave, such as eau de toilette, cologne, or parfum.

Have you ever heard of solid colognes?

Instead of water, solid colognes are often produced with a natural wax such as beeswax or shea butter as the scent carrier. The substance is then gently massaged into the skin, typically at pulse areas like the neck or wrist. The aroma is triggered throughout the day by utilising these warm areas, and it also begins to mingle gradually with your own natural musk.

On the other hand, solid colognes aren't as new as you would believe. It is commonly known that perfumed oils and animal fats were used in rites and funerals as far back as Egyptian antiquity and may have been used even farther back.

So why should you consider adding a solid cologne to your fragrance budget?

The Benefits:

Portability - When compared to a spray bottle, its tiny size and lightweight makes it ideal for bringing with you on the move. You may keep it in your workout bag or slip it into your breast pocket to refresh your smell throughout the day as needed. This also makes it considerably safer to transport on aeroplanes (or posting abroad). Many airlines do not accept liquid bottles or have a maximum capacity, but a solid fragrance will not be a problem in your hand luggage.

Durability - You don't need to worry about losing your solid cologne when it comes to your morning workout or in the pockets of your jeans. Solids are often made from hard waxes and oils, which means they won't leak or spill. The containers also won't run the risk of breaking or puncturing like a spray bottle.

Ease of use -We've all known someone who wears too much perfume/aftershave, the kind you can smell before you see them. Another advantage of solid colognes is that the fragrances are often lighter, so you won't be leaving a scent trail around the office and subjecting everyone else to your choice of fragrance. They also push you to utilise them appropriately by putting a modest quantity to the pulse spots to get the most out of them, making it impossible to scent too strongly. There is an etiquette to applying fragrance because a gentleman understands that his perfume should only be noticeable up close for those who have the pleasure of being up close.

Won't Dry You Out - Because of how they are made with waxes and oils, solid colognes are usually much less alcohol based than sprays. Alcohol has a drying effect on your skin. When you put on a spray, you can feel the immediate drying sensation and the after-effect.

The Drawbacks:

Lasting Fragrance - Most solid colognes have a fragrance that lasts between 2-4 hours, which is better than cheaper aftershaves but not as long as a more expensive Eau de Parfum. However, as previously said, this is partially offset by its mobility and convenience of use, so if you don't mind filling up later in the day, this may not be a negative for you.

Availability - Because there are just a few solid colognes on the market right now, your favourite perfume is unlikely to be available in solid form. However, the alternatives are expanding fast, with many fantastic brands constantly releasing new perfumes.


If you're looking for a way to smell good, have a longer lasting fragrance and save some money, we highly recommend giving solid colognes a try.

There are a few drawbacks, but this shouldn't put you off. In fact, it's probably only a matter of time before these become the dominant form of fragrance and aftershave in the market.

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