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March 18, 2022 3 min read

Many factors must be carefully considered while creating a professional and distinctive formal wear look, one of which is your tie of choice. No matter how subtle the tie is, it will not only make your suit look classy and stylish but also improve your overall appearance.

Wearing the wrong tie will ruin your entire look. When worn correctly, the necktie makes your attire appear incredibly handsome and distinguished. This gives you an extraordinary appeal and elegance. However, not all men know the basics of making a tie work for their outfit.

If you’re having difficulties with your formal look, here are five tips for choosing a suitable tie for your suit:

1. Choose the Right Width of Your Tie

Different kinds of tiles are available in the market. The most common neckties are long ties, double-breasted ties, knitted ties, and rep ties. Each tie has a different width, and you need to choose the right one that will look great with your suit.

The width of the tie has a significant effect on the overall look of your attire.

2. Select the Suitable Tie Length

Choosing the right length of the tie is critical in giving a look you desire. There are several tie lengths available: standard, long, or short. If you want to give your overall look a more formal and professional appearance, you are advised to wear a tie with a longer length.

The long tie is a perfect choice to be worn with a double-breasted suit. On the other hand, a short tie works well with a single-breasted suit. Keep these rules in mind when finding the right top to pair your tie with.

3. Wear the Right Tie Pattern

The pattern of your tie should contrast your shirt and suit, just as it should with colours. When you initially start, avoid mixing and matching three designs, as this may be overwhelming.

Moreover, it would be best to choose a tie with a similar colour tone and texture.

4. Choose the Appropriate Tie Colour

Gentlemen, you are advised to choose a tie with the same hue and intensity of colour as your suit and trousers. This, on the other hand, does not work with lighter-toned clothing; instead, opt for deeper hues as complements.

If you are wearing a dark-coloured suit, you are advised to wear a tie with a lighter tone. Aside from that, it is also necessary to choose a tie with a colour that complements your skin tone.

5. Check the Material of the Tie

Wearing a tie with a fabric with a different texture from your suit is a big fashion no-no. Although it is a simple accessory, it can be the one that ruins everything.

It would be best if you chose a tie that has a similar texture to your suit. You are advised to select a smooth surface to go with your suit, which has a satin finish to give you an idea.


The importance of the necktie is indisputable. A lot of people consider the tie as the most critical piece of an outfit. This is because it provides a finishing touch to your suit and makes it look elegant, stylish, and classy.

To make your suit look fantastic, you have to have the right necktie to complement your attire. The tips mentioned above will surely help you choose the right tie for your suit. Investing in a suitable necktie is a great way to boost your fashion IQ.

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