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August 05, 2021 3 min read

For many of us, made-to-measure tailoring is the best option for suiting, and for creating pieces of quality which last, and are adapted completely to your body. The first tailors who come to your mind when thinking of this, are most likely the Neapolitan or the English – but we tend to look past our closest neighbours and their craftsmanship in tailoring. There are many well respected tailors across Asia, renowned for their style, tradition, and artisanal work, and we’ll be breaking them down for you.

The Anthology

Based in Hong Kong, The Anthology is truly a menswear label dedicated to their craftsmanship. Founded and observed by Andy Chong and Buzz Tang, all the artisans involved in the procedure of creating a suit are from their in-house atelier, showcasing the level of attention put on the quality and level of work. The Anthology’s designs consist of the examination of the human body and its proportions, and how tailoring can generate the golden ratio. Featuring extended shoulders, a lower gorge for the lapels, and a specific in-house ratio for the perfect collar and lapel. As well as this, the choice of fabrics is of importance for the brand, as they are in a hot and humid country (which is similar to Australian weather). They also offer a wide spectrum of tones for their fabrics, promoting the modern gentleman to step out of the comfort zone of navy and grey. 

The Armoury

Another distinct label situated in Hong Kong (as well as New York), The Armoury is another prime example of how the love for classic menswear brought its founders Mark Cho and Alan See together to create a brand distinct for its design and range of products. Offering both ready to wear and made-to-measure, the Armoury not only host exceptional tailors, but also shoemakers. Featuring their own in-house label, the Armoury also collaborates with other international tailors such as Orazio Luciano, Ring Jacket, Liverano & Liverano, and more. Another great feature of The Armoury is that they have a wide range of products available, from a two-piece suit to umbrellas and even watches. This is certainly one label we would recommend, renowned for their professionalism and craftsmanship.


Situated in the South of Korea, B&TAILOR is a house of tailoring which we’re sure many of you are aware of, due to their exceptional style showcased by their current director, Chad Park. Founded in 1967 by Master Tailor, Jung yul Park, B&TAILOR offer a limited made-to-measure service, exclusive to foreign customers. A label celebrated and distinguished for its classical fitting of suits as well as their exceptional choice of fabrics, B&TAILOR is certainly one made-to-measure brand (also offering bespoke) travelling clients must experience. The tailoring house style is described as slim and comfortable, classic but modern, but with an Italian influence.

W.W.Chan & Sons Tailor LTD

Finally, an outstanding tailoring house which has been family owned since 1952, W.W. Chan & SonsTailor provides yet another instance of exemplary tailoring. Passed down from generation to generation, the garments crafter by the houses tailors are of the highest quality. They inherit traditional Shanghainese cutting and craft style, with the brand being one of the original “Red Gang” tailoring lineages who have upheld the traditional processes related to bespoke suiting. Similar with all other brands outlined, W.W.Chan & Sons Tailor are proud of their high-end and low volume business model, which allows them to purely focus on the quality of art produced. As well as this, the house is proud of the fact that the only machine present in their workshop is a straight sewing machine, and that everything else is crafted purely by hand.