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August 27, 2021 2 min read

As well as making sure you smell great with wax cologne (check out the blog on wax cologne here), we think your surrounding environment should also bring upon an unmistakable vibe, and with that, a scent. Using a candle is an efficient and effective way to do just this, and with the right candle you can ensure your space is smelling great for both you and your guests alike. A candle can completely change the ambience of its space, and is also a great option as a gift for friends and family. Choosing the right candle is important, and we’re going to help you along the way.

 Scented candles are almost what comes in our minds instantly when we think of wax candles, as they are recognised for their aroma. These candles bring a warm but subtle glow to your room, which compliments warmer lights across your house. Just like using colognes and perfumes, scented candles can almost bring back a memory in your mind, allowing you to replay past stories. Consisting of three levels of scents and notes top, central, and base), a candle typically develops overtime. This allows the deeper and more dominant base notes to grow and develop over time.



A more ornamental take on candles can be completed through decorative candles. These typically come in the form of pillars, dinner or votive candles, and hold little to no scent at all. These candles are purely used as decorative pieces to your house, adding a layer of depth and character to your spaces. 

But is there a way to combine the characteristics of both decorative and scented candles together? There sure is!

The Suitcase offers some of the finest candles a gentleman can own for their home, adding scent and style in spaces. Among these brands, Analogue Apotik are a brand who specialise in creating wax-based cologne and candles for the modern gentleman. Using a traditional method of candle making, Analogue Apotik utilises a soy and beeswax blend to produce a clean burn, also leaving behind negative ions once burned. There are many positives to these ions, including neutralising pollutants in the air. The collection from Analogue Apotik features a dark-toned glass cylindrical jar, which looks absolutely stunning across any home.



Another brand which we proudly stock is BeCandle, a brand recognised instantly for their unique candle designs. Placed in a traditional bamboo steaming box, these little dim sum candles add a touch of character from Hong Kong into your home. Not only recognised for their design but created using the same technique used to make real dim sum. These candles are created using a blend of vegetal and soy wax, fragrances, and oils, and make the perfect gift. Shop the full range of BeCandles dim sum candles on our website today!