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August 29, 2021 2 min read

With Father’s Day coming up, there is no better time to spoil our fathers. Although with the current situation the pandemic has really made it difficult, if not impossible, for us to go in-store to browse for ideas. That’s when boutique websites such as The Suitcase can come in handy for gifting. Digital technology has made this process as easy as it gets, through the comfort of ordering a gift from the comfort of your own home.
Often classic and orthodox in style, gifting for fathers should be something which is unique, memorable, and creative. We want our fathers to look back at our gifts, exploding a sense of nostalgia and memories within them. There are many options for gifts, although a gift which is unexpected is the best gift.
In a past editorial post on candles, we showed how candles can be used for gifting. BeCandle offers extremely unique candles which could be gifted, such as the dim sum candles. Unexpected in nature, these candles really stay true to the Asian craftsmanship ethos we hold at The Suitcase through their design and scent.

But do gifts have a limitation?
No way! At The Suitcase, we believe our fathers should be gifted with the best that there is. This may be anything from a pair of Belgian loafers from De Piede, to a handmade necktie from Mannergram. These gifts will ensure that our fathers will appreciate the craftsmanship associated with Asian brands.



As well as the forementioned brands that you can shop from, there are also labels such as Ascottage and The Anthology, for the chic gifts. Ascottage is based in Korea, offering products from their own in-house line, as well as other reputable sartorial wear. On the other hand, The Anthology offer all their in-house products, as well as products made in collaboration with influencers, and other brands.

Other brands such as Yeossal and Craftsman clothing offer luxurious accessories and clothing for gifting, which can really make a statement for our fathers.

There are many different brands which you can invest in for a Father’s Day gift. We recommend brands which uphold the Asian artisanship ethos, to ensure your gift is made of quality, unique and something to always remember.