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September 09, 2021 2 min read

That feeling of emotions after receiving your made-to-measure or bespoke suit is certainly unparalleled for many of us. Although have you ever considered giving your shoes the same treatment? We tend to forget the importance of footwear in terms of comfortability and style. There are many brands who specialise in creating footwear of quality for the modern gentleman, and we’re going to help you uncover why you should invest maybe a bit more on your footwear

There are many advantages to having a pair of footwear made specially for you. As many of us (if not all of us) footwear for prolonged hours at a time, comfortability is essential. There is also a chance you’re wearing the wrong size for your feet. Quality footwear are not mass produced, nor are they stocked in high volumes. The most significant (and obvious) advantage of made-to-order shoes is that they provide comfort, reliability and support which cannot be achieved through off-the-rack shoes. Based in Singapore, CustomMade offers a made-to-order experience which assures quality. With over 20 different styles available, CustomMade is a simplified made-to-order experience which is essential for the travelling gentleman to Asia. Starting at around $250 AUD, CustomMade is certainly a brand to get your foot into for made-to-order footwear (quite literally).

Founded in 2012 with the intention of reviving a 40-year-old shoe label, Hong Kong based Shoe Artistry offers an elevated level of footwear for the modern gentleman. Featuring both made-to-order and bespoke shoes, Shoe Artistry incorporates modern technology for the health and wellbeing of your feet. Using 3D scanners and insoles, Shoe Artistry became the first brand in Asia to create footwear integrated with data and analysis. Shoe Artistry is certainly a brand to look at for an exceptional experience with bespoke handcrafted shoes in Hong Kong.

Another brand which we love for their style and quality of Belgian loafers isDe Piede. Originated inSouth Korea, De Piede holds over thirty years of shoemaking experience, using the best materials from Europe. Belgian loafers make the perfect pair of footwear for casual wear. Their soft and sometimes unlined nature allows them to be worn with almost any casual outfit, which is necessary in a down-dressed era. Shop the collection of De Piede Belgian loafers at The Suitcase today