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May 30, 2022 2 min read

When you're travelling, it is crucial to have the right clothes and equipment. That's where packing lists come in! But if you're like most men, packing lists can quickly become an administrative chore. Which T-shirt, which underwear, which socks? They are boring and tedious, and the more your travel, the less you want to do them.

With these essential travel clothing for men tips, you'll have all your packing and clothes questions answered.

Wrinkle-Free Suit for Business Trips

If you're going to be meeting someone for a business meeting, it's essential that your suit is wrinkle-free.

To make sure your suit is wrinkle-free, be sure to:

  • Roll your suit into a tight, thin cylinder
  • Fold your suit into a thin square
  • Roll your square of clothing into a tight cylinder
  • Tie off securely with an elastic band
  • Tuck your suit into the centre of your suitcase
  • Pack your suitcase so all the clothes are tightly packed

If possible, unpack your suitcase in your hotel room, hang up your suit sleeves and hang your suit jacket.

Casual Clothing for Sightseeing & Activities

For sightseeing and other more casual activities, being able to change between outfits is a must. For example, packing at least two pairs of shorts and one pair of pants, and at least two shirts, such as a t-shirt, a button-down, and a loose hang shirt, can work.

For your shirt, it's a good idea to bring a blouse or button-down shirt, as well as a tank top to avoid sunburn.

For your pants, bring a pair of jeans and a pair of nylon hiking pants or cargo pants.

For your shoes, bring a pair of regular sneakers for sightseeing and a pair of light sandals or flip flops for the beach.

Versatile Jacket

Getting a jacket that you can wear for travel and an outfit while you’re on vacation is a good idea. That’s why you need to invest in one. One of the best choices is a denim jacket you can wear over a loose shirt. You can also get a luxe bomber jacket. 

Good-Quality Carry-All Bag

Investing in a good-quality carry-all bag is essential, especially if you're travelling through airports or busy cities. It's also essential if you're working or sightseeing while on your trip. A good bag makes it easy to transport your laptop, tablet, and other important items. It can also help you transport any souvenirs you buy.

A good carry on bag should have these qualities:

  • Separate compartment for your laptop or tablet
  • Compartment for your magazines, guidebooks, and other reading material
  • Compartment for your underwear and toiletries
  • Handles on the top and sides that make it easy to grab
  • Good zippers that don't get stuck or break

Pack the Right Clothes

Invest in travel clothing for men to make your travel experiences enjoyable, comfortable, and hassle-free. These tips will help you make your travel clothes packing easy and efficient. 

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