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June 06, 2022 3 min read

Solid colognes are similar to beard balms for clean-shaven men in that they provide a long-lasting, refined aroma but are applied straight to the skin. Solids apply more gently and are simpler to transport than liquids. Liquid colognes evaporate quickly. However, solid mixes linger on the skin and allow the smell to change throughout the day while individually reacting with your own body temperature and chemistry.

Solid colognes aren't technically new – some say the Egyptians were the first to wear a crude, solid perfume – but they're enjoying a revival as a liquid alternative with less of a punch. They are often created from essential oils, beeswax (for hold), and shea butter, which imparts a richer, earthier scent to the cologne.

1. The Wrist 

Apply your solid cologne to the skin at the base of your wrist, where your pulse can help it last.

2. The Neck

While this is an old-school spot, it's also a good one – and one that gets lots of attention. Apply the solid cologne to the front of your neck, right above your collar, to help it last throughout the day.

3. The Hair

Pick up a solid cologne in a small, travel-friendly container to put in your kit. Because the solid fragrance is more concentrated, a little goes a long way – and it helps you smell great on the go.

4. The Inner Elbow

The inner elbow is a place that often gets missed – it's a great place to apply a solid cologne to ensure you smell great all day long.

5. Underneath Your Collar

If you are wearing a basic T-shirt, then the solid cologne can be applied under the collar to give it some staying power throughout the day. If it's a button-up shirt, spray on your cologne before you put on your shirt, and if it's a sweater, spray it on the area above your heart to not get it on the garment.

6. Use it as a Moisturiser

Solid colognes are often made with buttery, moisturising oils. This helps transfer the fragrance onto your skin and hair.

7. It Can Serve as Cuticle Cream

Because they are solid, they can be kept in your travel kit, and one of the best uses for them is to keep the skin on your nails hydrated.

8. Hair wax

Solid colognes are great for keeping your hair down, too. Some colognes can even double as a hair wax – just rub a small amount along the hairline, and it will boost your style.

9. Beard or Mustache Conditioner

Not only can you style your beard with a solid cologne, but you can also help condition it with a small amount of solid cologne as well.


A good quality scent is an essential part of a man's style, and a solid cologne fits the bill.

Get a solid cologne if you love to smell great and you are looking for a versatile and convenient product. It is a convenient alternative to liquid colognes and can be applied to areas that aren't typically cologne zones, making it a great multitasker.

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